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Alam High School

Media: Feature Documentary

Logline: An elite high school in Iran, taught by American teachers, imprisons former students after being transformed into a prison for political dissidents following the 1979 Revolution.

Synopsis: Former students and the American teachers of the once iconic Alam High School in Iran recount their experiences at the elite school, from its opening in 1969, through the turbulent political climate of the 1970s Iran, to its ultimate transformation into a detention center for political dissidents, holding captive several of its former students, following the 1979 Revolution.

Director: Saman Yaghmai-Aledavoud

Producers: Houtan Yaghmai, Saman Yaghmai-Aledavoud

Starring: Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Jimmy Carter, Ayatollah Khomeini, Assadollah Alam, Empress Farah, John F. Kennedy, and more

Year: 2017

Runtime: TBD


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